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Volume 11 Number 1



- Laurence Miller

Police Officers’ Experience with Trauma

- Lori H. Colwell

Abstract:This study examined officers’ perceptions of the traumatic events they encounter on the job. Officers (N=313) completed a survey asking about their experience with specific types of trauma, as well as what they considered to be their most traumatic event. They were given the opportunity to describe their unique perceptions of these events in response to open-ended questions. The results revealed vast variability in officers’ experience with trauma in terms of the number, type, unique perceptions, and impact of these events. Results are discussed in terms of their implications for clinicians who treat officers affected with posttraumatic stress reactions and disorders.

Police Suicide- A Web Surveillance of National Data

- Andrew F. O'Hara

- John M. Violanti

Abstract:Considerable research has been done on suicide in police work. It appears that the volume of literature on this topic has led to considerable controversy concerning the accuracy and validity of police suicide rates. This topic has given rise to a wide variety of speculative, often widely exaggerated figures being circulated in the law enforcement community and media, much of which is not based on verifiable research or gathered in an organized, useful manner that can be shared as scrutinized. Such figures have been taken at face value, translated into widely varying rates and profiles that, because they lack any substantiation, do little to help and much to impede the meaningful development of programs that can address the problems of police stress, trauma, posttraumatic stress, suicide, and the promotion of improved general health in the law enforcement community. This paper represents an empirical attempt to gather descriptive police suicide data from all fifty states in the U.S. for one year -2008- and record it in a cohesive manner that may be useful to researchers, police agencies, and program developers.

Playing the Game: Psychological Factors in Surviving Cancer

- Stephen A. Rom

- Laurence Miller

- Jennifer Peluso

Abstract:Cancer is a threat that can rob a person of their physical and mental wellbeing. While cancer awareness has ventured to the forefront of social consciousness, led by surges from Lance Armstrong and other celebrities affected by cancer, the medical world continually remains foiled in terms of regulation the many confounding variables that spawn cancer: toxins, pollutants, poor diet, etc. Yet there is a hope: one variable thought to affect cancer prognosis may be distinctly tractable: positive mental attitude (PMA). Principles of PMA that are readily utilized in the science of sports psychology to spur athletes to victory, along with stratagems and concepts on how to keep the “opponent”-cancer- from gaining any further advantage.

Religious/ Spiritual Beliefs: A Hidden Resource for Emergency Mental Health Providers

- Thomas J. Nardi

Abstract:This article identifies religious/spiritual beliefs as a hidden resource for Emergency Mental Health (EMH) providers. The purpose of the article is to encourage providers to examine their own world views, be they spiritual or religious or both, as they apply to their EMH services. The article also provides suggestions and guidelines for the education/training of EMH providers in understanding and utilizing survivors’ religious/spiritual beliefs.

Essential Personhood: A Review of the Counselor Characteristics Needed for Effective Crisis Intervention Work

- Allen Ottens

- Debra Pender

- Daniel Nyhoff

Abstract:Crisis intervention work is a distinct specialty within the broader field of professional helping. This article presents two themes in recognizing the essential characteristics of successful crisis interventionists. We discuss the Aristotelian types of knowledge, techne, episteme, and phronesis as they apply to crisis work; identify core characteristics of therapeutic wisdom; and review the empirical findings on the characteristics of effective crisis counselors.


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